Progress, not perfection

Today I did not get a personal best at a local parkrun but I’m delighted all the same. Why? Because I proved to myself I’m on the path to progression. A few years ago, and as I lay prone on a treatment bench, a physiotherapist – in a sublime display of How to Lose Friends […]

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Teamwork is everywhere in running

Today we saw something incredible, awesome and off-the-chain inspiring when Eliud Kipchoge shattered the two-hour marathon. To get a sub-two time Kipchoge had to run an average of 2:50 per kilometre: he never dipped below 2:52min per km. He also needed to cover 100metres in 17secs and maintain a speed of 21.1kph (13.1mph). In the […]

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Free or cheap ways to enjoy Devon

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Sometimes the best pick-me-up is the most simple of things, and not the expensive spa treatment or bottle of wine on a Friday night. The most reinvigorating ways of shaking off the day/week/mood are right in front our noses and can often cost very little if anything at all. It just requires us to embrace […]

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