Explore: running through history

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It seems when restrictions were partially lifted, people were afflicted by another contagion; one where ‘good old British common sense’ was replaced by a mania in which people perceived themselves invincible. They started throwing themselves off cliffs into swirling seas, marching up mountains in flip flops or queuing for three hours to buy a Big […]

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Mental kindness – and unleashing the inner child

I wanted to write a long and thoughtful article on looking after your mind all the time, not just when Mental Health Awareness Week rolls around. But, quite honestly, I’ve not been able to find the words. I started procrastinating and that led me into beating myself up about it. The teeny tiny internal critic […]

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You don’t need to race to run

I’ve realised I’m changing. Usually I am here, there, everywhere. Racing around, running myself ragged.  And now… now, I am not. I’ve slowed down. I’ve spent more time looking, observing and enjoying what is around me.  These last few weeks have provided me with a deeper appreciation of what running means to me and the […]

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